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Second stage involved an analysis project in R, for which I was given roughly 3 days to complete. Last stage involved a panel interview, with experience based questions, technical questions related to R, C++, a few statistical questions and some problem solving questions. My lack of background in finance was a draw back. Interview QuestionsThis is a guest post from a reader who broke into Sales & Trading S&T coming from a non-target school. In Part 5 of this series, you’ll learn all about sales & trading interviews and how to answer the technical and markets-based questions, pitch stocks and investment ideas, and yes, even calculate the square root of 58 in your head.I was contacted by HR and was quickly set up with a first round, in person interview. It was a technical interview consisting of a few questions about my resume and why I want to be a trader. Technical questions consisted of analyzing a matlab function and two basic questions about options trading.Buy the Quant Trading Interview E-book today on Paypal. The book will be available for download and also sent to your email. The book contains dozens of quant trading interview questions with answers from top hedge funds, quant shops and prop trading firms. Application. I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at EDF Trading Houston, TX in June 2016. Interview. started with a 30 minute phone screen to assess fit for position, then had 2 hour follow up with program manager, 2 on 1 IT folks who ask highly technical questions, and then finish up with a soft skills interview with the HR manager.To begin preparing for your interview, WSO Prop Trading has everything you need to know for prop trading interviews, including a myriad of questions with thoroughly explained answers. Prop Trading Interview CourseInterviews for banking and finance positions are notoriously tough. Interviewees can expect all the questions from a normal job interview, along with the potential for extremely difficult.

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The bad news is that it can be more time-consuming, and there’s no way to predict every single question in advance.Here’s how you can get started preparing for markets, math, and brainteaser questions: The Distribution As I mentioned in the last article, first round interviews in S&T tend to be mostly fit-based.Past that, it rapidly shifts to market-based questions – maybe around 60 to 80 percent of questions in later rounds will be related to the markets, with the rest divided between additional “fit” questions and math / brainteaser questions. Handel im römischen reich youtube. You have a trading interview with an investment bank. Which questions should you prepare to answer. Interview Bull provides affordable and personalised online interview coaching, specifically designed for students and.I have an interview with an middle market oil and gas mainly E&P coming up. I realize they'll most likely go pretty in depth i.e. know EBITDAX, life cycle, ect. but was wondering you guys could shed some light on other common questions? let me know, thanks - O&G E&P Interview QuestionsApplication. I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2 weeks. I interviewed at EDF Trading Houston, TX US in June 2016. Interview. started with a 30 minute phone screen to assess fit for position, then had 2 hour follow up with program manager, 2 on 1 IT folks who ask highly technical questions, and then finish up with a soft skills interview with the HR manager.

You can read other newspapers, blogs, and finance-related sites, but never skip the WSJ for any reason – especially not if you have an interview that day.Recent Article / Trend Discussion Try to find something on a “sexier” topic, not something mundane (e.g. Opinion articles and editorials are very good for these types of questions.Examples: If you’ve passed middle school, you understand how to discuss an article: state the main idea, the supporting reasons, and then whether you agree/disagree and why. Anti Money Laundering Interview Questions & Answers. OFT Office of Fair Trading, HMRC HM Revenue & Customs, ICAEW Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, plus other Accountancy bodies, RICS Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and more.So you’ve finally landed your dream job interview – for a profile in Digital Marketing! Apart from being excited, you must also be wondering what could be the possible Digital Marketing interview questions that you can be ready for, to leave that lasting impression on the interview panel and who knows, maybe to bag that coveted job!Top 35 Equity Trading & Dealer Interview Questions with Answers. such as telephone, e-mail and proprietary electronic trading systems.

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But they’ve just gotten started expanding in China, where there’s far more growth, and 10% of their revenue will come from there by the end of the year.Also, oil prices have fallen 15% in the past several months but that hasn’t been factored into their price yet.As those lower prices move through the system, air ticket prices are likely to decline, which should push up traffic and cause companies to invest in more aircraft, which will help the company. Edelmetallhandel nürnberg. Finally, they operate at higher margins than the rest of the industry but haven’t received credit for that yet because the market over-reacted to bad news in one of their regions.The time frame for this investment is 12 months, with a target price of .00. The main downside risks are a general market decline, which could be hedged by shorting a broader index, and stagnation in emerging markets, which you could hedge by longing a defensive or blue-chip index or anything else not dependent on developing countries.” You may get more questions after this initial pitch – they’re likely to ask you more about the risks, how it’s valued vs.Competitors, institutional ownership, and what specifically this company has that competitors do not.

The best way to know all this is to get free equity research from a service like TD Ameritrade or other online brokerage accounts and read through reports and online sources that discuss the company. Stock Pitches You may also get asked about “trading ideas” rather than pure long/short stock pitches, so you should have a few thoughts on macro, FX, options, and related plays.During my interviews, I talked about how the Hong Kong dollar had been pegged to the US dollar for the past 30 years, and how trading algorithms did not price FX options correctly because the peg had lasted for so long. I went into more detail than that as the conversation progressed, but this was something that few other interviewees mentioned and so it set me apart.I told them that I thought the peg would be removed, as the HKD was undervalued, and the only way for it to appreciate was by removing the peg. This was my original idea, but it didn’t matter – as long as you can back up why you think it’s a good investment, it’s fine. Learn forex trading in india free. [[You need to have examples like this in your back pocket if you really want to stand out.The $10 Million Investment These questions are related to the ones above about stock pitches and trading ideas, but diversification is the key element here.You’d be foolish to invest $10 million all into one asset…

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Unless you had another spare $500 million lying around.So you need to go into detail on the different asset classes you’d invest in, the percentage allocation into each one, and why that makes sense given your investment goals.You would start by asking for their goals (or stating your own), and then give an estimate of the percentages across different classes such as equities (large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, international, etc.), fixed income, cash, real estate, commodities, and alternative investments. if you’re younger and can afford more volatility, aim for high returns even at greater risk, and as you get older you aim more for capital preservation and possibly income generation and tax benefits. U of l basketball broken leg. Major World Events There isn’t much to say here – simply put, know what’s going on in the world, from various financial crises and natural disasters to macro indicators like unemployment, new housing starts, GDP growth and inflation, and so on.If it’s an election year you will be asked about how different parties can impact the markets.Make sure not to pick a side – just show that you are knowledgeable about the impact of the different results.

Rates, Indices, and Commodities There isn’t much to say here because it’s a matter of following the key numbers each day.One overlooked point is that you also need a sense of how these have been trending over time – the past few years, the past 6 months, and then where they might go in the future.You should use and to get all this information: No, you don’t need to memorize every one of these, but you should have an idea of the most important ones for your region. Brokerjet kündigen. If you went in and could not answer how oil prices have changed over the past 12 months, your chances would not be good.Brainteasers and Mental Math So that’s what you need to prepare for on the markets side.In some ways it’s actually than investment banking interviews because you don’t need to learn about specific topics like merger and LBO models, and it’s more about backing up your answer with solid reasoning rather than being “right” or “wrong.” But brainteasers are harder to prepare for.

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Technically you could get these questions in banking or consulting interviews, but they’re the most common in sales & trading interviews.The logic behind them: stress test you, and see how analytical you are under pressure.No, you won’t have to answer brainteasers on the job in S&T but you will be under constant pressure all day, and if you make a mistake you could easily get fired. Forex awards 2012. Unfortunately, there’s no “formula” for answering these questions – all you can do is practice repeatedly and look online and in books for common questions.While Vault is normally useless, they sometimes have good sample brainteasers so you should get their S&T guide or any other book on brainteasers that you can find.Chances are that if you practice enough, you’ll start seeing variations of the same questions being asked… The most important points with brainteasers: If you get the same brainteaser twice, I highly recommend telling the interviewer.

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Doing so demonstrates your honesty and shows how you’re different from many other candidates who wouldn’t necessarily act that way.And after widespread insider trading and securities fraud, honesty is becoming more and more highly-valued in the industry.I actually had this happen and told the interviewer that I had already heard a particularly difficult brainteaser that he gave me – he told all his co-workers afterward that I was upfront with him, and eventually I won an offer there. B) explain how a binary search works with the help of an appropriate algorithm. Mental Math Mayhem If you make the sales & trading vs investment banking comparison you must be quantitative and good at mental math if you want to work in sales & trading – that’s one of the ways it’s different from other markets-based roles like long-only asset management, value-oriented hedge funds, and so on.Technically they could ask you anything here, but a few types of questions come up repeatedly: Addition The key here is to break up “ugly” numbers into round ones.Examples: It gets trickier when you have 2×2 multiplication or beyond (better hope they don’t give you a 5×5 in an interview).