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University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered a brutal injury during a game last night against Duke, leading some people to.It was one of those freak injuries you might only watch once, if that. Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a broken leg Sunday in the Elite 8 of the men's NCAA basketball tournament, which is now.Louisville's Kevin Ware on Sunday suffered what may have been the most gruesome sports injury ever televised — and no one knows for sure.By now, the entire nation is familiar with the gruesome broken leg University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered in the first half. Trading strategy leveraged etf mean. In one of the more gruesome injuries you will see on a basketball court, Louisville guard Kevin Ware severely fractured his leg in Sunday's Elite Eight game against Duke. "And it's noticeable, and when he gets over that he's going to play. ETRick Pitino told reporters (via Adam Zagoria of SNY) that Kevin Ware will be in uniform for Louisville's season opener, but is unsure if he will see any playing time."I'm ready for contact," Ware told ETMatt Norlander of CBS Sports reports that Ware will likely miss another 2 weeks: As for Ware, it's going to probably be two weeks before he's good to go and play in an actual game."He's still limping a little bit," Pitino said at the team's postgame press conference.He's probably only about two weeks away from playing, but I notice in practice a little bit he's limping. The Pikeville (exhibition) situation was just, 'Get out there, get loose.' But he is playing full-blown in practice, but I still notice a limp so I don't want to play him until he's over that. "I just want to get my feet wet and see where I'm at."Ware is nearly seven months removed from the unsettling and emotional injury he suffered in the first half of Louisville's Elite Eight game against the Blue Devils. ET by Brandon Galvin Kevin Ware is already out of bed and using crutches to get around his hospital room.That means, psychologically, he's favoring it a little bit. He said he was fortunate that it was a broken leg instead of a torn ACL, which requires a lengthier rehabilitation process."I don't have any pain," Ware said. Kenny Klein, Louisville Senior Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations, tweeted a photo of Ware this morning. ET by Brandon Galvin Kevin Ware's teammates celebrated the team's advancement to the Final Four with him at the hospital. Brown reports that the surgery on Ware's leg has been successfully completed and the player will remain in Indianapolis until at least Tuesday, though the release date will obviously depend on how well his recovery goes. ET by Rob Goldberg The latest update comes from Rick Pitino.

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"My knees are sore sometimes, but I don't have any pain -- and I'm blessed for that."Ware was optimistic heading into Friday's practice that he'd be cleared to participate in 2-on-2 contact drills, but trainer Fred Hina -- who worked Ware out prior to the practice -- did not give him the go-ahead."He's doing really well," Hina said. The bone is continuing to heal, and it will for some time."“He has a clean bill of health,” coach Rick Pitino said Friday. He also posted a photo of Ware with Rick and Richard Pitino. Chris Douglas posted a photo on Twitter and Peyton Siva put one up on Instagram. In a post-game interview, he explained that the injury will keep him out for a year (via Stewart Mandel of With just over six minutes remaining in the first half, Ware attempted to defend a three-point shot from Tyler Thornton.“He can play all-out at the end of the month.”Pitino said Ware has been cleared to begin basketball workouts immediately, but while he may be physically ready to return to the court, Pitino cautioned he may still need to get past his injury mentally. ET by Tom Kinslow Kevin Ware is making great progress on the road to recovery from the gruesome injury that ended his season during the NCAA tournament. But trainer Fred Hina has challenged Ware to push his healing broken leg as much as he can in rehab. Seeing Chane [Behanan] cry as hard as he ever cried, and Russ [Smith], coach, all of them, I just looked at Coach P and said, "You gotta pull yourself together. They all plan to go to Louisville on Tuesday, if Ware's discharge is approved, and then he hopes to travel with the team to Atlanta, which is Ware's hometown, for the Final Four."I'm hoping I can go. He landed awkwardly and his leg appeared to bend the wrong way on the court. (Warning: Please note that the image is disturbing.)According to Pete Thamel of Louisville will now look to move past not only the physical loss of Ware, but also the emotional toll that seeing the injury up close took on the players.According to Eric Crawford of, Ware has been shooting jump shots at Louisville's facilities: Ware, who captured the attention of the nation when his right leg broke during the Cardinals' Elite Eight victory over Duke, was spied putting up jumpers at the U of L Yum! Ware said a month ago that he planned to hold nothing back in terms of pushing it to heal."I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize it," he said. ET by Brandon Galvin Exciting news, as Kevin Ware will travel with his Louisville teammates to be in Atlanta for the Final Four, according to an ESPN staff report: UPDATE: Tuesday, April 2, at p.m. When Coach P tried to help me up, he gave me a funny kind of look. In the moment, you don't know what's wrong with you. Tell the guys to come over here." They came over and they were still emotional but I meant it. I'll be fine." I just had to block the pain out and put my situation on hold. Hopefully, the Cardinals can play their best basketball to honor their injured teammate. Onetwotrade double up. "But I'm not going to take it easy, either."U of L coach Rick Pitino said Ware is making good progress."Kevin's doing great," Pitino said. ET by Timothy Rapp Kevin Ware was reunited with his teammates on Tuesday, and Louisville's Chane Behanan posted the following photos of the encounter on Instagram (via The Cardinal Connect):------UPDATE: Tuesday, April 2, at p.m. I'm looking at him and then I look down and I see my bone sticking out. You're just looking, thinking, "How did this happen? I never back down for a challenge and to me, that's what this is. ET by Rob Goldberg Great news for Kevin Ware and Louisville fans, as it appears the guard is on his way out of the hospital and is ready to join his team in Atlanta. He tweeted this picture on Tuesday: Hopefully I'll be back in time to watch practice.

This is a test to see whether we can improve the experience for you. If you see comments in violation of our community guidelines, please report them. Typed comments will be lost if you are not logged in. It's OK to disagree with someone's ideas, but personal attacks, insults, threats, hate speech, advocating violence and other violations can result in a ban.The indelible image of last season's NCAA Tournament was not a dunk or a celebration or a shining moment. It was Louisville guard Kevin Ware's right leg snapping in two after one faulty step against Duke.The grisly fracture was one of the most horrifying sports injuries we've ever seen, a break more common in bad motorcycle accidents.The nation swiftly embraced Ware, partly because people felt badly for him, and partly because they found his gentle, positive manner so endearing.No one wants to be defined by an injury, but everyone wants to be loved, and everyone loved Kevin Ware.

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University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware recounted Wednesday his shock over the severely broken leg he suffered.A gruesome injury that left Louisville guard Kevin Ware with a broken leg plunged Lucas Oil Stadium into horrified silence, with coach Rick.MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE. Help us get to 200 subscribers! Thank you for watching this video we greatly appreciated your support! Beste broker options kaufen. "That's where he is and that's where he wants to be.I just think that once he gets healthy enough, he'll be able to get back."After Ware broke his leg last March, his recovery was projected to last 6-to-12-months.He made an unscheduled and emotional return during the Nov.

6 exhibition game against Pikeville, splashing a 3-pointer on his first shot.Even though he appeared reluctant at times, we assumed he would be a force soon enough.But the regular season began and it was clear Ware was still not himself. Cheap forex vps uk. [[He gained attention not for basketball, but for missing a court date for a reckless driving charge he received after borrowing a car from a friend. 17 game against Missouri State he was inadvertently kicked in his tender right leg, sidelining him once more.In January it was announced that Ware would seek a medical redshirt.He went to games and went through warm-ups and sat on the bench, and then after a while he stopped coming to games altogether."It was very hard for him, you know, just to have to sit on the sidelines and watch," Junior said.

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A U of L spokesman said Ware has not been attending practices, but added that Ware is still enrolled in classes and still attends most team study halls.Junior said she speaks to Cardinals coach Rick Pitino fairly often and has been given no indication that Ware will not be welcomed back next year.He has been tirelessly working out by himself, hoping for a comeback that is more successful than the previous one. Simon diyor ki forex. But missing out on the Cardinals' latest postseason surge has been difficult."He just wishes he could help," Junior said."He wishes he could be out there with the guys, making a difference, making it easier."Instead, when Friday's game begins and CBS inevitably alludes to Ware's gruesome leg injury, Ware will probably still be in Louisville, watching on a television somewhere, waiting to see what comes next.Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware stands up with the aid of crutches on Monday, April 1, in a photo posted on Twitter by Kenny Klein from Louisville media relations.

Ware snapped his leg after trying to block a shot against the Duke Blue Devils during their Midwest Regional NCAA men's basketball game on Sunday, March 31, in Indianapolis.Ware was taken to the hospital and had surgery that night.The gruesome injury left his teammates in tears, but they went on to defeat Duke 85-63. The broken leg, held together by two metal plates, will heal in eight to 12 weeks, he said. "I know patience is key.""I kind of joke a little bit, like I should have blocked the shot because I jumped so high, but I guess I just landed wrong and didn't see where I was landing, so that's kind of what caused the injury," Ware said. In a two-hour surgery, Ware's broken tibia was straightened and a rod was inserted into it, according to a statement from Kenneth Klein, senior associate athletic director for media relations at the university.A photo posted on the Internet shows Ware's jubilant teammates holding up his jersey as they celebrated their win over Duke, which sent them to the tournament's Final Four this coming weekend in Atlanta.Another showed Ware in his hospital bed, holding the trophy his teammates brought to him.

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Kevin Ware isn’t the most household name but, he is known in the basketball community for his gruesome injury.I remember hearing my family scream when the injury happened but I was in the other room so I didn’t see it happen live.Although this did happen in the 2013 season we are still worried about you Kevin and still sending prayers. If anyone is a young sports player and is fighting a big injury then take a look at this story and this will give you hope!Now let’s get into this story, this tragic, tragic, tragic story.March 31st, 2013 the 1 seeded Louisville Cardinals made it to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament where they found themselves facing the 2 seeded Duke Blue Devils.

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The 1st half had started and there was 6 minutes left until halftime, Louisville had a 4 point lead and backup Point Guard Kevin Ware looked at Tyler Thornton who caught the ball and had a wide open 3 point shot, Kevin raced over to him and jumped in the air trying to block the ball out of Tyler’s hand.The moment he landed his tibia bone popped out of his leg and was out in the open for everyone to see.It was the most craziest basketball injury I had ever seen, The whole stadium was in total shock. When Ware was laying on the ground his teammates stated after the game that he was screaming “I’m fine, Just win the game.” Players were on the ground in tears and it was horrible.You could just tell that messed up the flow for the rest of the game.Many NBA players showed their support for Ware and shared their sympathies through Twitter, including Le Bron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.