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IPhonecaptain iOS 10 Jailbreak Tips,Tweak and App Reviews "Bringing the Best of Cydia and Apple Devices Daily". Home Top Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week March 20-26, 2017. – Cmd-Shift-P to simulate the power button – Options to change the appearance to Dark Mode and hide app labels.SmartLowPower is a jailbreak tweak that goes a step further to provide additional power saving options for your jailbroken iOS device. It automates the process of saving your iPhone battery by ensuring that the power intensive features are disabled when you’re not using your device.If you are looking for some best jailbreak apps and tweaks for your iPhone. It hides the “Slide to Power off” option and prevents the intruders to.A jailbreak tweak called PowerDown, free in the Cydia store, allows you to simply install it and then immediately have such options in the same place that you would find power off --by holding. Online stock trading india tutorial. Abstergo : Managing notifications Active Dock : Make it look like the dock that of Mac OSX Adaptive Keyboard : The keyboard take the color of your application Aicon : Apply Filters on application icons Affix : A shortcut to the settings in the Notification Center Alarm Display Pro : Information for alarms, the badge of the Clock Alkaline : Modify Style Battery Alt Keyboard : Easily insert characters from the keyboard alternative i OS Always Jitter : An uninterrupted tremor icons Animate : Animate the banners of notifications, alerts and multitasking Animer7 : Animate banners notifications, alerts and multitasking i OS 7 Animate All & Animate All HD : Animate your wallpapers Any Browser : Access to the internet browser from anywhere on your i Device Any Lock : Add Widgets and shortcuts on the lockscreen Any Reminder : Improve the function Reminders i OS 6 App Analytics : Knowing the time of application usage App Box : A quick shortcuts on the lockscreen App Cent : Display% application installation App ETA : Display details of downloads of apps App Tray : The application shortcuts in the center of notifications of i OS App Switcher Status Bar : Displays the status bar in multitasking Aqua Board – Water Effect : The effects of water on the springboard Archangel 3 features in one tweak Aria : Customize the music of i OS 7 Articon : Change the music icon with the album art Assistant Language : Adding additional languages to Siri Atom : A different lockscreen, with 6 shortcuts Attachments for Mail : Facilitate the insertion of attachments Audio Explorer : Extract audio files applications Auto Control : Easing the i OS 7 Control Center auki Answer and Send SMS quickly Auxo : Multitasking i OS reinvented Auxo for i Pad : The i OS multitasking reinvented for i Pad!Auxo 2 : A new multitasking for i OS 7 Awesome Quick Messages : Send and Respond quickly to SMS Axis : The raccouricis on Lockscreen for your favorite applications Ayra : Having the center notifications on the lock screenback to menu ↑Backup It : Save icon positions to deliver the latest Background Manager : Manage 100% multitasking i OS Badge Customizer : Change the size, color and position of badges Banner Borders : Edit borders banners notifications Banner Disable : The function “Do not disturb” i OS 6 Banners : Change the display of i Pad Notifications Battery Doctor Pro : Increase and improve battery life Battery Info for Notification Center : A widget to check the battery Batt Saver : Increase and improve Battery Beacon : An animation after a reboot and respring i OS Better Center : Change the size of the center of notifications of the i Pad Better Chrome : New features for Google Chrome Bio : Unlock with fingerprint sensor Bio Lockdown : secures access to applications through the fingerprint Bio Protect : Protect your applications with touch ID Bloard : Having a choice of Black keypad or keyboard White Blackout : Having a black status bar Blue Board : Having a blue keyboard for i OS 7 Blurpaper : Blurring the wallpaper automatically Blurried NCBackground : Blurring the center of notifications Bookmarks for Safari : Edit Page on Mobile Safari bookmarks Boot Sound : the OS X startup sound effects Bounds Colors : Change the color of the dividing lines Brevity : Quickly send a predefined SMS Bridge : Import music without using i Tunes Brightness Control : Change the brightness with a percentage Brightness Icon : Change the brightness using the volume buttons Bright Vol : Change the brightness using the volume buttons Browse In App : Open links without leaving the common application Browser Chooser : Change the default browser Bulletin Pro : Change the center of notifications Byta Font 2 : Change the font of his i Device on i OS 7back to menu ↑Call Bar : A new way to call Call Tap : Add to Contacts features fast Camera Tweak : Add functions to the camera Cam Time : Add a timer for the camera Cam Text : See through your conversation SMSCarrier NM : Change the name of the operator (i OS 8) Centrex : The interface of i OS 8 control center Charging Background : Display screen when the device is charging Check : Select multiple mails at once!Choose My Function : Several actions an application Chrome Download Enabler : Download files from Google Chrome Chromizer : Improve Google Chrome Classic Switcher : Find multitasking i OS 6, i OS 7 Clear Button : A button to delete the SMS Clips – Improve Copied / Pasted on i Phone and i Pod touch Clip Shot : Better management of screenshots Clockify : Animate Clock widget and add the Lockscreen and NC Close All : Quickly close all tabs in Safari Color Badges : Notification badges in the colors of the application for i OS Compose 7 : A quick composition widget Coordinates for Maps : Show GPS coordinates on the map Cover Me Not : Doubling the status bar at the reception of a notification banner Cursor & Selection Colors : Change the color of the selection and the sliders Custom Cover : Edit the style of the album artwork on the Lockscreen Cylinder : Animations in 3D page turning!Cyueue : Easily create playlists in the Music appback to menu ↑Dandelion : Adjust the brightness according to the application open Dashboard X : Add widgets on the homescreen Dash : A new display of multitasking Dash Tweet : Send tweets quickly via a widget Dating : Display additional information for photos Deck HD : A action bar on your i Pad Springboard Define : A quick search in the dictionary or on Wikipedia Diet Bulletin : Minimize the banners of notifications Direction Bar : A compass in the statusbar Display Candy : Animations for closing applications Dock Colorize : Change appearance Multitasking Dock and Dock Flow : The 3D effects on the dock of i OS 7 Dock Shift : Change the appearance of the dock i OS 7Do Not Discriminate : Change the lockscreen shortcut i Pad Download Move : Move application load bar Download Reminders : Show a message when an application is installed Download to Newsstand : Show downloads in the Kioskback to menu ↑Eclipse : A Night Mode for i OS 7 Effects : New photographic filters for i OS 7 Emblem : Display differently notifications on i Pad Equalizer Everywere : An audio equalizer Ex Key : A fifth row on the keyboard i OS 7 Ex PDF : Convert and export notes to PDFback to menu ↑Facebook This : Post photos on Face Book from the library Fade : A progressive display downtown notifications Fake Badges : Customize the badges on applications Flag Paint : Change the color of notification banners Flag Paint7 : From color to your notifications!

Top 15 Free Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 7 / iPhone 5S.

Flash Customize : Edit color flash screenshots FBNo Need Messenger : Going without the application of Facebook Messenger Flip Control Center : Add shortcuts for system settings in DC Flusterless : A shortcut for “do not disturb” on the lockscreen Folder Board : The i OS 7 records full size Folder Enhancer : Change folder view Folder Enhancer 7 : Improve the display of folders i OS 7 Fold Music : your music into folders on the Springboard Force Good Fit : Adapting applications for the i Phone 6/6 More Free Space Cam Displays the remaining time to film, based on the available disk space FUNBOARD : Add animations Springboard FXOSLock : A new way to unlockback to menu ↑Gesture Music Controls : Control music i OS 7 with gestures Glare Music App : Blurring the Music app of i OS 7 Glow Badge : A light behind the icons for notifications Gotha : New features and shortcuts to your contacts Grabber App : Change the camera shortcut on the Locksceen grabby : Shortcuts on the lockscreen Grafiti : Create and send drawings by Message Gridlock 2.0 : Arrange icons and folders without limits Gridswitcher : A new style for multitasking i OS 7 Guest Mode : Add a guest account for i OS 7back to menu ↑Handwriting recognition : Draw your text Home Artwork : Change the wallpaper by the album art of music Home Courts : A quick kick shortcut menu Home Screen Contacts – Put shortcuts to contacts on the Springboard Home Spring Page : Having a first empty page on the Springboard HTCLock : A HTC lockscreen style for i Phone and i Pod touch HUDChanger : Minimize the volume indicator for the i Phone or i Pod touch HUD Pro : Edit the information on the volume indicator back to menu ↑i App Lock : Protect application access with a code i App Trans : An effect of the transition to application switching i Blackout : Place contacts blacklisted i Colorize Label : animate and change the color of the name of Applications Icons SB 4 buttons on the springbord to Extinguish -Respring-Reboot-Safe Mode Icons Toggles : Shortcuts for settings on the Springboard ICSLocker Pro : HTC Lockscreen i Phone and i Pod touch IDelete-MSG : Delete all of a sudden SMS conversations i Lost Finder : Taking a picture of the thief of your i Phone or i Pad Infiniboard : Scroll vertically icons springboard Infinidock : An infinite number of applications in the dock Infinifolders : An infinite number of applications in folders Info Page : View of top information Springboard your i Device Insta Facebook & Insta Twitter : Using Voice to post messages Insta Save : Save at photos Instagram Intelli Screen X 7 : A center notifications improved on the Lockscreen i OS 7 i OSLife : Entertainment for the Lockscreen, Homescreen and Multitasking i OS 6 Photos Menu : To have the menu Sharing of i OS 6 in 5.x i Phone4Parallax : Enable parallax effect on i Phone 4 i Type Writer : Turn your i Phone into typewriterback to menu ↑Jal Jayo : A timer for music (i OS 7) Jelly Lock : A similar lockscreen for Android Jelly Lock7 : A Lockscreen i OS 7 similar to Android JLauncher : A new display of multitasking Juke Box : A widget to control music with styleback to menu ↑No tweak at the to menu ↑Launch Speak : A voice for the opening of applications Last Pic : An option to send SMS Last Shot Live Battery Indicator : Combining the logo and the percentage of battery Live Clock : Animate clock of the i Phone and i Pod touch Live Papers : A animated wallpaper Live Weather Icon : The icon of the animated real-time weather Live Wire : Unlock with vertical animated Live Wire Pro : Various animations unlocking Lock Screen Tool : Change the text “Unlock” on the i OS lockscreen 7 Lock Bar Settings : Shortcuts system on the Lockscreen Lock Glyph : A new animation release Lock HTML : Add widgets on the lockscreen Lock Screen Air Plane Mode : A shortcut to airplane mode, on the lockscreen Lock Screen Customizer : Edit complement the Lockscreen Lockscreen Launcher : 9 shortcuts to your apps on the Lockscreen Lock Screen Toggles : Shortcuts system on the lockscreen Lock Spring : A button on your Lockscreen Respring Lock Toggles : Shortcuts system on your Lockscreen Lock Web – The web browser on your Lockscreen Lock Wee : Your Lockscreen Widgets on the Luna : Easily Enable mode does not disturbing in the Notification Centerback to menu ↑Maximization : Your applications in Full Screen!Menu Button Emulator : A virtual home button Merge : Merge i Message conversations and SMS Metaphrase : A fast automatic text translator Mini Banners : Minimize the banners of notifications Mini Player : The i Tunes Music Player 11 i OS Mission Board : A new display of multitasking Mission Board Pro : A new multitasking display, pro Mobile Terminal : A control device for i OS Möbius : Slide to infinity on the Spring Board i OS 7 Mono Bar : Keep the status bar during a call Mountain Center : View notifications laterally center Mountain Lion Center for i Pad : The Center notifications OSX ML Movement App : An animation application switching Multi Dialer : To have the choice of applying to make a call multistorey : Two floors for multitasking Multitasking Gestures : The multitouch gestures i Pad i OS 7 Musical Switcher : Playing piano notes in the multitasking i OS 7 Music Widget : Control music playback without having to open the application for Music Widget Dash Board X : A widget music Musiex : A discreet and stylish music player My Alarm : Add music to your i Device Alarm My Wi 6 : Share the 3G / 4G i Phone and i Padback to menu ↑NCCalendar : A better calendar management in the center of notifications NCEffect : A beautiful effect when opening / closing the center notifications NCFull Status Bar : Display more information in the status bar NCPad : Notifications on the screen of i Pad Newsstand Be Gone : Disable access to kiosk (Newsstand) Nickname : Give a nickname to contacts Nitrous : Boost the speed of your applications using Javascript Notes Enhancer : Improving Application Notes with new options Notes : Add sharing options notes Noti Pad : Changing the Display of Notifications on i Pad Noti Quiet : Block Notifications in applications of your choice No Power Down : Disable the extinction of their i Phone or i Pod touchback to menu ↑Octopus Keyboard : The keyboard on i OS Black Berry OS 10 One By One Contact : Delete the contact with the finger One By One Safari : Delete search history with the finger Orientation Activator : An Activator gesture to change the rotation Ostium : Display center differently Notificationsback to menu ↑Page Preview : An overview of the pages of your Springboard Pages : A wallpaper for each page of Springboard Paper Lock : Effects unlocking Pass Dial : Shortcuts to phone quickly (i OS 7 & 6) Pattern Unlock : A very secure way to unlock their device Photo Exif : View EXIF information from your photos Photo Info : Show information advantage for photos Pinch to Unlock : Unlock the screen by pinching Piano Passcode : Unlock by playing the piano Plan B : Unlock i Device if you forget Security Code!Pluck : Improve control music on the lock screen Pluck 2 : Fast access to music i OS 7 Pod Switcher : Access to all of the music library in multitasking Polus : Edit Shortcuts i OS 7 Control Center Power Guard : A password to turn off your device Power Music : Access to the music library, on the lockscreen Power Options : Several options to settle the appliance Power Tap : More options extinction Predictive Keyboard : The Android prediction words, i OS Preview Maker : Improve your screenshots with a contour Prime : Color the different types of calls received Priority Hub : Organize notifications on the lockscreen i OS 7 Protecti Protect your privacy in applications Purge : Removes one stroke applications in multitasking i OS 7 Pyx : Animations multitasking in i OS 8back to menu ↑Quantum : Change the font in notification banners Quick Contacts : Shortcuts for contacts, on the Springboard Quick Composer : The speed dial shortcuts Quick Folders : Gestures for opening files Quick Music : Control music differently Quick Power Down : 4 options for the power button Quick Reply for Messenger : Respond quickly to Facebook messagesback to menu ↑Rain Board : An image rain on the Springboard Raise To Call : Calling a contact by bringing the i Phone to the ear Rapid Links : Quick access to your favorite sites Reminders : Reminders Improve Reveal : Show Notifications fully Revolver : Scroll multitasking i OS 7 to infinity rocketlauncher : Place application on the i OS lockscreen 7back to menu ↑Safari Download Manager : Download files from Safari Safari Swipez : Slide to close the tabs in Safari Safe House : Disable the security code when you are at home Save Gram : Save photos and videos Instagram SBFlip : Enable landscape mode on i OS Spring Board 8 Scale : Add sharing options in the Music application Scramble Pass : Mix the order of the security code of i OS 7 Screenshot Plus : Select accurately capture area Search Enable : Add search engines to Mobile Safari Search Spot Light Pro : Add new Search functions Spot Light Securicodes : An action for each unlock code Select : Change the highlight color and the sliders Seven Center : A blur notification center, such as i OS 7 Shake Animation : Animations by shaking the device Sicarius : Multitasking i OS 7 3D Simple Banners : Edit content notification banners Simple Passcode Buttons : Simplification buttons security code Siri Gole : Gestural shortcuts to Siri Sleek Sleep : Lock the i Phone with the proximity sensor Slide2Kill 7 : Empty very quickly multitasking i OS 7 Slide2Kill 8 : Empty very quickly multitasking i OS 8 Sliderz : Change the text of i OS sliders slide for use Displays the use time applications in multitasking Small Banners : Making smaller banners Smart search : more options in Spotlight search Small4MMS : Reduce the size of the images before sending SMStamper : Acknowledgments on i Phone 4S / 4 / 3GS i OS 5.x Snoverlay : From the snow falls on your lockscreen, and Springboard in your applications Spectral : Change the wallpaper depending on the lockscreen music played Speero : A multifunction system for your i Pad Speak Launch : State the name of the applications that we open Spin : A new design for music on Lockscreen i OS 7 Spot Lock : Lock the device by going to the Spot Light Spot Siri : A shortcut for Siri in the Spot Light Spring Music : Fast access to music Springrolls : Animate and customize the Springboard Spring Shot : A rebound effect of multitasking i OS 7 Springtomize 3 : Change i OS 7 deep Status Bar Suite : hide some elements of the status bar of i OS 7 Status Color : Change the color status bar Status HUD : Display volume control in the status bar Status Tint : Change color of the status bar Subtle Lock : compress the date display, clock and slider Swipe Away : Slide to remove apps multitasking Swipe Back : Slide to turn back Swipe2Call : Add gestures to the contacts on i Phone Switchr : A new style for multitasking i OS 7 Switchy : Two rows of icons in the multitasking Switch Spring : Quickly close all i OS multitasking applications 7back to menu ↑Task Master : Many settings and useful shortcuts in the spotlight To Tap Widgets : 5 Speed Dial widgets in the NC Tap Volume To Mute : Switch to silent mode with the volume indicator Tap Unlock : Tap to unlock, instead of sliding Tempus : Fast access the music library on the Lockscreen Thor : Auto Enable Wi-Fi in applications Time Passcode : A security enhanced code Time Speak : Stating the time and the current date on your i Device Tiny Bar : Minimizes i OS notifications banners 7 Tiny Grid : Change the appearance of folders i OS 7 Torch NC : A quick flash in the center of notifications Touch Bar : Disable and quickly Enable i OS system functions 7 ts Speeder A : Increase the speed of the i Phone, i Pod touch TVLocker Pro : A TV effect which turns off lock Tweet Amplius – Tweet over 140 characters on Twitter Type Status : An icon in the status bar to i Messageback to menu ↑Uncurl : A new effect unlocking Unfold : A folding to unlock the i Phone or i Pod touch Uniformity : Change the color of the buttons Control Centre of i OS 7 Unlockize : Effects of unlocking the i Phone or i Pod touch Unlock7 : Unlock in the manner of i OS 7 Useful Things : A menu with several useful functionsback to menu ↑Velox : Use applications without opening the springbaord Vertex : Merge multitasking i OS 7 with the Control Center Vexil : Change the color of the elements of lockscreen Voice Search : Make a Google search rapidly Voice Volume Amplify : Increase the volume in telephone conversation Volume Customize : Change the color of the volume indicatorback to menu ↑Watch Board : Watch Apple i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch Weather Bar : Changing the color of statusbar depending on the weather weatherboard : The weather animations wallpaper for i OS 7 Weather Icon 6 : The weather in real time on the application Weather Clock 7 : The weather on lockscreen i OS Web Video Background : Read the background videos on Safari WS Wallpaper : A wallpaper to how Androidback to menu ↑No tweak at the moment. Hk handel overenskomst. Update: Originally this post was written before the release of i OS 7 but now as i OS 7 jailbreak is already in the town so I decided to update it with the latest free cydia tweaks and applications compatible with the latest i Phone 5S, 5C models.The below two paragraphs are from the original article and I am leaving them as they are for those users who are still using i OS 6 or for those who have bookmarked this page for i OS 6 tweaks. You may skip them and continue reading if you own a device running on i OS 7 (up to i OS 7.0.5).If you are looking for some best jailbreak apps and tweaks for your i Phone 5 just before the release of i OS 6 untethered jailbreak, or if you landed on this post after you have jailbroken your device, here are few best and free tweaks and applications found in Cydia Store for your i Phone 5, i Phone 4S and i Phone 4/3GS.

PowerIcons is a Cydia tweak that places the much needed power options – namely Shutdown, Reboot, SafeMode & Respring – right on your Springboard in the form of icons. To install this tweak and see how it works on the iOS 5, read on.Installing every tweak to verify its compatibility with iOS 10.2 isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Thereby, I scooped through various Cydia repositories to bring you the 15 best Cydia tweaks that are compatible with the iOS 10.2 Jailbreak.So if you like to root your phone just to customize some options in your. Best Android Tweaks Without Rooting Your Smartphone. by sending your current location, Toggle the power button to tell you the time without taking. Silver buy house. Virtual Home has been very popular since it was the first known tweak for Touch ID for our devices and the developed versions for iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 has also followed the launch of the upgraded operating systems of Apple. Untethered Jailbreaking with TaiG for iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.4Hello, Apple fanboys. In my previous posts, I have already revealed you the 15 best Cydia tweaks. If you want to download the best Cydia Sources / Repos for iOS 7 and above, then my friend, you have landed in the right post. Today, we have compiled for you a list of 15 best Cydia sources / Repos for iOS 7 and above for your precious devices.Find every tweak released on Cydia for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and also. P. ProSwitcher – Multitasking Comes To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Power Tap. QuickIM – Bring Quick Reply And Compose Options To Facebook And Google Chat

How to Add More Power Down Options on Your iPhone JB Tweak.

Using this feature we can transfer files, photos etc without using data cable. The free version contains all the basic tools of any best file explorer whereas the paid version contains some advanced features.Activator allows you perform different actions by using multitouch gestures. It replaces the network name present in the Status bar with the Wi Fi network name currently the device is connected to.You can also invoke different apps and actions by controlling the hardware parts of your i Phone, like triple press of home button, double press volume up, long press sleep button, short press sleep button and so on. With this tweak I can easily see which Wi Fi router I am connected to without going to Settings - It is one of the most popular tweak in cydia store. You can reply to message from anywhere in i OS, mark the sms READ. Forex hebel margin. IOS 10.2 jailbreak brings all these hot tweaks to your iPhone. Zach Epstein. More options when Installing Tweaks in Cydia;. the addition of a Low Power Mode button in the Control Center.Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible With iOS 10.2 Jailbreak. By default, the iOS shutdown menu only shows the option of “Slide to Power Off“. You can restart.With the new jailbreak for iOS 6, it's time to start playing around with all the great apps and tweaks on your newly freed device. Here's a look at some of our favorites available in Cydia for iOS 6.

Are there any iOS 11 tweaks out there which give the option for respring, Reboot, Safemode, Power Off when you hold down power button? I remember having one on ios 8 but I don’t remember the name /We, at Beebom, are dedicated to providing you with some of the best resources on jailbreaking you can find on the Internet. We’ve already covered best Cydia tweaks compatible with the latest iOS 10.2 jailbreak, and today we shall dive into the customization part and cover the best Cydia tweaks to customize your jailbroken iPhone.Skip this step if you are downgrading to iOS 8.4.1 on 5C or iOS 9.1 or newer or if you are able to extract from an untethered jailbreak. First set Auto-lock to Never and close all apps from the app switcher for best chance of success. [[It is just like barrel but with a lot of options to customize the output. However, it is still not available under any default repo. If you are getting low space warning on your i Phone, this tweak may help you to get few MBs back without deleting the most-wanted files and applications.You can delete different types of caches like Safari cache, applications cache, attachments and messages to free up more space.It is still under beta testing and not available in common cydia repos.

Check out The Entire List of Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad

But you can get it from before the official release.If you want to change the font family of your i Phone, this app is for you.It allows you change the fonts in apps, lockscreen and more. Binary to decimal and decimal to binary. It provides one more way to change the look of you phone.This app is available free of cost in the Cydia store and the fonts are also free to install and apply.The Battery Safe is deft tweak to manage the battery when it reaches to its end level.

When you see low-charge level warning, this tweaks comes in action and automatically disables all those radios which require a lot charge like Wi Fi, bluetooth etc.If you own an i Phone 5S, Virtual Home is a must-have tweak for you.After installing it on your device, you won’t need to press the home button. Simply give a little tap to home button and it will work as you pushed it.Tap-and-hold features fires up the switcher and you don’t have to double press the home button. Winterboard is that app which is closely attached with jailbreak.Apple doesn’t include any option change the theme of your i Phone. But with winterboard you can give a new life to your device by installing different types of themes from the cydia store.

P power options cydia tweaks

Rrecord My Screen is an handy tweak which allows the users and developers to show off their apps and different tasks running on their devices to other people.After binding it with activator, you can invoke it anytime with a simple gesture.If you don’t like the current look of messaging app in i Phone, you can change it with this Message Customizer tweak. Banc de binary yahoo answers. It can be used to change the color of bubbles, messages, background etc.You can also decrease / increase the bubble opacity and app tint. changes the colour of devices according to night and day time to give a smoother experience and help reduce eyestrain.The below mentioned tweaks are not tested on i OS 7.

P power options cydia tweaks

Some of following tweaks are either not updated yet or these are not as useful as these were on i OS 6 and previous versions.If you are still running any i OS 6 or below firmware, you can use them.SBSettings: Before the introduction of Notification Centre in i OS, SBSettings was one of my favourite app. A broken chord in music. It gives you quick access to i Phone Settings within leaving any app.You don’t need to exit the app and launch to enable/disable the system settings.All the toggles are present at one tap by using this app on your i Phone 5 and other i Phone models.